12 Natural Hair Myths You Need To Stop Believing


12 Natural Hair Myths You Need To Stop Believing


Cutting your hair makes it grow faster. 4C Hair cant grow long, you have to grease your scalp in order for your hair to grow. There are probably 1 million and 1 tips, tricks and myths around natural hair and how to grow it long and healthy. Some are wisdom passed down for generations whilst others are just plain old myths. In today’s post, we are looking at some of the myths circulating around the world wide web and beyond. Have you heard of any of these? Or do you perhaps even swear by one of them? Are there any we missed Let us know in the comments. 


1. Natural Hair/Black Hair Doesn’t Grow 

This is by far the biggest and possibly also the one that is farthest from the truth. All hair grows. No matter the type. Unless you have an underlining health condition, your hair will grow. 

Most people who are struggling to ‘grow out their hair’ are actually struggling to retain length. Curly and kinky hair, because if its texture is naturally very fragile and dry and without the right moisturizing regime becomes brittle and breaks. If you are trying to grow your hair out long try focusing on healthy hair by caring for your hair and scalp and following a well healthy diet. 

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8 ReasonYour Hair Isn’t Getting Any Longer 

2. Cutting Your Hair Makes It Grow Faster 

Your hair doesn’t grow from the ends so this myth is absolute nonsense. There is, sadly no way that chopping off your ends could signal to your roots to grow faster. So, cutting your ends has absolutely no effect on the speed of your hair growth. 

However, chopping of damaged & split ends can definitely help your hair retain length and might make it appear to be growing faster compared to damaged hair, which is breaking off. 

If you want to grow your hair out cut down on your hair cuts. Do maintain regular trims to get rid of damaged ends but maintaining healthy hair should mean you only need you trim every 6-12 months. 


3. You Don’t Have to Wash Natural Hair 

Curly or kinky hair, because it is thicker and can soak up more oils, might need less washing but the myth that you should never wash your natural hair is just that a myth. You need to cleanse your hair from product build-up, dusk, and dirt, which can cover your hair and clogged you prose robbing it of vital nutrients. But whether you use a shampoo or not is totally up to you.

If you are worried about damaging your hair during shampooing or losing moisture try using a Pre-Shampoo treatment, like our Grwoth Oil Scalp Treatment. Simply apply your treatment to your hair & scalp before you shampoo your hair. Leave the oil in for 30min or overnight and your locks will feel super soft and moistures after you wash them. 

Or try co-washing instead of shampooing. Simply use your everyday conditioner or a cleansing condition to wash your hair and skip the shampoo altogether. Whilst co-washing will not get rid of build-up from grease and silicones it is a great way to refresh your hair and rehydrate your strands without using stripping away any of its natural oil.   

4. Protective Styles Make Your Hair Grow Faster 

This one is kinda true. Well, not really but hear us out. Nothing can make your hair grow faster and definitely not a hairstyle. However keeping your hair in a protective style, protects it from heat and manipulation, therefore, keeping it healthy and avoiding damage. So whilst wearing your hair in a protective style can certainly help your hair retain length it won’t actually make your hair grow faster. 

Be careful of the protective style you pick as some might actually be doing more harm than good. Always make sure any style is not installed to tight and isn’t too heavy. 

5. Natural Hair Is Harder To Maintain & More Expensive Than Relaxed Hair  

This is totally relative and whilst natural hair is, dare I say a lifestyle and requires attention and care whether it is harder to maintain and more expensive than your current style really depends.  

6. Water Is The Enemy 

 When it comes to black hair care or curly hair we are lead to believe that water is the enemy and often try to avoid water at all costs. This is possibly the most damaging myth of them all because actually the opposite is true. Your hair is actually 13% water and like our bodies, our hair needs water to be healthy. 

Water doesn’t actually dry out your hair but restores its natural moisture.  We need to add water in order for our hair to have bounce any elasticity. Many Naturals use the l.o.c or l.c.o (liquid.oil.cream/liquid.cream.oil) method to lock moisture into their hair.

Try the l.o.c (liquid/oil/creme) or l.c.o liquid/creme/oil) by adding water in the form of a water-based leave-in conditioner and lock in the moisture with an oil and following up with a moisturising creme.

If you have low porosity hair you might find the adding and oil and creme is too much product for your hair to absorb. Try using a very watery leave-in conditioner as your liquid and top it up with and lightweight oil like the Sugarmane Repair & Nourish Hair Oil or a creme instead of both. 

For very dry and damaged or high porosity hair, try using something thicker and heavier like our Repair & Nourish Hair Butter as your oil step.

Repair & Nourish Hair Butter


7. You Should Avoid Heat At All Cost 

Of course, excessive heat can lead to heart damage and your hair breaking off. But before we banish all forms of heat hear us out. Heat when used moderately can actually be really beneficial to your hair. Using heat during a deep conditioning treatment or hot oil treatment can help oil and other active ingredients penetrate deeper into the hair. This can especially useful if you have low porosity hair and find it difficult to get water and products into your hair. Try heating up a small amount of your favorite oil or conditioner before applying it to your hair. Add a plastic cap to generate extra heat from your scalp. If you have one you can also try sitting under a hooded dryer. 

Always be cautious when heating up oils, ideally place in a water bath and remember if it is too hot for your skin it’s too hot for your hair.  

8. Greasing Your Scalp Makes Your Hair Grow Faster 

I know what you are going to say, ‘my Mum and Grandma greased my scalp and hair when I was little and my hair was long.’ And, yes same. But my mum also hardly used heat on my hair and it was usually kept in plats or twists aka a protective style. Although grease almost works as a sealant locking moisture in, greasing your scalp also means you are clogging your pores and not allowing your skin to breathe. It also means that no moisture can get into your hair and it can dry out underneath the grease. 

If you are struggling with scalp issue like dry, flaky, itch and oily scalp try using a scalp oil a few times a week. This will help moisturise and exfoliate your scalp and get rid of dead skin, flaks and dryness whilst being lightweight enough to sleep you scalp breath and not clog your pores. It also helps balance the natural production of the scalps natural oils.



9. How To Grow Long Hair Fast 

The myth here being that you can magically grow long hair overnight. There are numerous Youtube videos and blog posts dedicated to teaching you how to grow long natural hair fast. But the fact of the matter is you cant. Of course, you can grow long natural hair, it’s the ‘fast’ that is the issue. Everyone’s hair grows. Period. And there is no magical portion to grow 20 inches of hair overnight. The secret to long hair is caring for and nourishing your hair and scalp to promote healthy hair growths and avoid breakage and retain length. As well as maintaining a healthy diet to ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy hair. 

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10 Going Natural Automatically Makes Your Hair Grow Longer 

No, going natural doesn’t automatically make your hair grow longer. However, if you have been chemically processing your hair as well as manipulating your hair with heat and decide to cut these things out you are most likely to find your hair breaking less and retaining more length. As mentioned above, the secret to long hair is healthy hair and if by going natural you are avoiding damaging then it will help you achieve longer hair. 


11. Black Hair Is Stronger Than Other Hair Types 

Actually the opposite is true. People often assume that black hair is tougher and stronger than other hair types because it is often thicker or denser. However black hair is often very curly or kinky which means that it is a lot harder for the natural sebum from the scalp to make it down the length of the hair and hydrate it. Therefore being dryer and needing more moisture. Because it is so curly it is also more likely to become tangled and break when manipulated. To avoid any damage make sure to keep your hair hydrated, avoid heat and chemicals, and too much manipulation. Protectives styles, which are gentle and don't pull on your roots are ideal. 

Make sure to add in loads of moisture when styling your hair in a protective style using a penetrating and sealing Hair Oil or Styling Butter. 

12. You Can Repair Split Ends 

Sadly you can’t. Once your hair is damaged beyond a certain point, it can’t be fixed and must be chopped off. Split ends are caused by the outer layer of your hair becoming damaged from heat and chemicals and it exposes the inner proteins of your hair strands which then become weak and break. Once this has happened there is no way to reverse it and the best thing to do is chop off your ends to avoid the split getting worse. 

Whilst you can't repair split ends you can definitely prevent them and as they say, prevention is better than cure anyway. Make sure you are gentle with your hair and protect the outer cuticle. Make sure you keep your hair moisturised and stay away from harsh chemicals and heat. 


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  • Thank you for clearing these up! I’ve always been told what to do with my curls. Ironically, from people in my life who have NO curls! It’s been a nightmare and so I grew up not knowing what was right and what was wrong. It was only when I did some research that I discovered what I should be doing.

  • I thought that cutting hair really makes it grow faster. I didn’t even know it was considered a myth.

    Kathy Kenny Ngo
  • This made me think of re-growing my hair longer. Been 3 months since my last haircut.

  • This is what I need to read. Thanks for debunking the myths. Love learning all of them.

  • I find hair and the different types fascinating. Thankyou for dispelling these myths


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